Why lose money owed to your facility?  Magnetic Ink has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for hospitals trying to recoup Medicaid reimbursement on accounts assigned to bad debt, approaching the Medicaid filing deadline date, Medicare with Medicaid secondary, or report on additional disproportionate share days.  We at Magnetic Ink believe that the client should not have to pay an exorbitant amount of money to report on Medicaid eligible patients.  Therefore, Magnetic Ink will run a free “first time” Medicaid eligibility submission to the state regardless of the number of accounts in the submission file.  Magnetic Ink clients have paid for their first year of services from the reimbursement found in this free eligibility submission.   Most eligibility companies charge a percentage of payments received by the client.  This is why Magnetic Ink charges the client a flat rate per submission to the state.  Our two tier fee schedule allows large or small facilities to get the best possible cost breaks.  Check out our fee schedule to find out which fee would better accommodate your needs.